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Ovoce stromu rajskych jime (Fruit of Paradise)Vera Chytilová, 1969
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Ovoce stromu rajskych jime (Fruit of Paradise)
Vera Chytilová, 1969


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Eika KatappaWerner Schroeter, 1969 Zoom Image

Eika Katappa
Werner Schroeter, 1969

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Palermo oder WolfsburgWerner Schroeter, 1980 Zoom Image

Palermo oder Wolfsburg
Werner Schroeter, 1980

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Jon Vomit, 2001 Zoom Image

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Jon Vomit, 2001

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Deux (Two)Werner Schroeter, 2002 Zoom Image

Deux (Two)
Werner Schroeter, 2002


Mister Designer (Gospodin Oformitel)Oleg Teptsov, 1988 Zoom Image

Mister Designer (Gospodin Oformitel)
Oleg Teptsov, 1988

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MephistoIstván Szabó, 1981 Zoom Image

István Szabó, 1981

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"My misfortunes are due to a society which condemns anything out of the ordinary as a crime and forces us to reform our natural inclinations."
- Jean Cocteau

Download Le Livre Blanc / The White Paper (.PDF)

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Freak OrlandoUlrike Ottinger, 1981 Zoom Image

Freak Orlando
Ulrike Ottinger, 1981

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Le Rayon Vert (The Green Ray)Éric Rohmer, 1986 Zoom Image

Le Rayon Vert (The Green Ray)
Éric Rohmer, 1986